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Kangaroo Mathematics Ireland

Registration begins 23rd February and ends 16th March 2015  

Contest Week:  23rd  - 27th March 2015 

Kangaroo Mathematics

Kangaroo Mathematics, an International Mathematics Contest organised by the association "Kangourou sans Frontières" (KSF), introduces school students aged 7-19 years to Mathematics challenges in a fun and enjoyable way, thus inspiring their further interest and advancement in Mathematics. The questions, developed annually by KSF, require creativity, logical thinking and a different perspective - this is where the challenge lies. The questions do not require any special training or advanced knowledge, making them suitable for all students aged 7-19 years. Over 6 million students took part worldwide in Kangaroo Mathematics 2014.

Kangaroo Mathematics Ireland (KMI)

Kangaroo Mathematics Ireland (KMI) is a partner in KSF International. KMI 2015 will be run online over a five-day period, from 23-27 March 2015. Registered Kangaroo Coordinating Teachers (KCT)  (Teachers ONLY) may hold the KMI Contest in their schools at any time during this period. Ireland took part in the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest for the first time in 2014 when over 3,000 Irish students participated.

Kangaroo Coordinating Teachers (KCT)

KMI is run in cooperation with Primary School Teachers and with Mathematics Teachers in Post-Primary Schools in Ireland.

 Students' names and results will not be made public by KMI


Dr. Michael A. Cotter & Dr. Mark Flanagan