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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

All questions should be emailed to the KMI President, Dr. Michael A. CotterBefore emailing a question, please check that your question has not already been answered below. All email enquiries will be responded to ASAP and the questions and answers will be published here.

What is the Kangaroo Mathematics Contest? 

The Kangaroo Mathematics Contest is an annual International Mathematics Contest, designed for all school students between 7-19 years of age.

What is the official name of this contest?

The official name is “Kangourou sans Frontières”  or "KSF"  for short.

Why is it called after an Australian marsupial?

The name was adopted as a tribute to Dr. Peter O' Halloran (1931-1994), a Mathematics teacher of Irish descent from Sydney, Australia, who pioneered this Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) in the early 1980s to promote Mathematics in Australian schools. 

How did it get the French name “Kangourou sans Frontières”?

Two French teachers, Dr. André Deledicq and Dr. Jean Pierre Boudine, ran a similar Mathematics contest in France, in 1991, under the name "Kangaroo without Borders" (Kangourou sans Frontières or KSF) in recognition of the work of Dr. Peter O'Halloran.

What age groups take part in KSF?

KSF is aimed at students aged 7-19 years.

How many levels are there?

There are 6 levels: for more details click on the "Levels" tab.

How many students take part each year?

The number has increased annually. In 2014 over 6 million students took part in KSF worldwide.

What is the Irish KSF called?

The Irish branch of the International KSF organisation is officially called Kangaroo Mathematics Ireland (KMI).

Who started KMI?

Dr. Mark Flanagan and Dr. Michael A. Cotter participated in the KSF International Workshop in Edinburgh in 2013 and on their return established KMI. The also participated in the KSF 2014 Workshop.

Who can take part in KMI?

Irish students from all 32 counties may take part in KMI. It is open to all students in first and second level schools in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

What are the aims of KMI? 

The aims of KMI are the promotion of Mathematics among young Irish students and the identification and encouragement of students with a talent in Mathematics. KMI is designed to get Irish students excited about Mathematics.

How can an Irish student take part? 

KMI is run by teachers who are registered as Kangaroo Coordinating Teachers (KCT). Irish students may take part only through their school.

How does a school organise participation by its students? 

A school organises participation in KMI by first appointing a KCT.

Can an individual student register? 

NO. Individual students cannot register themselves independently. Each student must be registered by a KCT. 

How does a school know that the registration has been successful?

The KCT will have his/her registration confirmed and approved by email.

Who will create the KCT's Username and Password?

The KCT will create his/her own unique Username and Password.

How is the student Username and Password generated?

The KMI computer system will generate each student's unique Username and Password.

Can a school have more than one KCT? 

Yes. A school may have more that one KCT.  

Can a primary school student compete at two levels? 

No. A primary school student may only compete at one level.

Can a second level student compete at two levels? 

No. A second level student may only compete at one level.

When will the KMI take place? 

During the week 23rd - 27th March 2015.

What is the format? 

It is an MCQ consisting of a number of questions, grouped under three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard.

Are pens and paper allowed during the contest?

Yes. The use of pens and paper during the contest is permitted.

Are calculators allowed during the contest?

No. The use of calculators during the contest is NOT permitted.

Is there negative marking? 

No. Note however that an unanswered question is awarded 1 (one) point, whereas a wrongly answered question is awarded 0 (zero) points - so it is not a good idea to guess the answers.

What is the maximum score? 

The maximum score at Levels 1-3 is 75 points and at Levels 4-6 is 90 points.

What is the registration deadline? 

The registration deadline is 16th March 2015 at 17.30. 

Is there an upper limit to the number of students a school may register? 

No. There is no upper limit to the number of students a school may register.

Is it possible to see some past or sample questions? 

Yes. Click on the “Sample Questions” tab on this website.

How will students get their results? 

The KCT may access the results for all the students in his/her school on a secure School KMI Webpage from 6th April 2015. A student may access his/her own result only.

What will students get in addition to their results? 

Each student will receive a specially designed high quality KMI 2015 Certificate. This will include the student’s name, school attended, level of contest taken, level of award and score achieved.